Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

Me bowling
Peace out man!

Robby and Krystal

Krystal was a Hippie and I was a Flapper!

Jazz Game!

Love Utah JAZZ
Jazz beat L.A. Clippers 111-98!


Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang National ANthem
So cool! did an amazing job

Colton, Lena, Me, Brandon

I won tickets on the radio to the Jazz game, I brought BRandon with me, Lena and COlton came too! SO much fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Time

My sis Madi and I


Doesn't get much better than this!

What's so funny dad?!

Big Fat Fatty came to eat our chips!

Cute through the glass but that's it

We went to a condo up in Powder Mountain and had a couple of visitors every night outside the door . Raccoons would come to the door every night and we would feed them potato chipss It was such a fun weekend!

OdDS and EnDs

Mel and I at the Bountiful Temple

Mad opening her birthday presents

Gramp and Brady in the pool

My Lil Brekyn and I makin funny faces

Meg and I

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What am I doing?

So Weber didnt work out so well for me. I hated it. After having Chase break up with me, being at a school that I didn't like, I had it! So now I am in Eagle Mountain, living with my cousin Melanee and her husband Branden. It is great so far. It would be a whole lot better if I could find a job! It is rediculous! I am going to be at UVU in the spring, and at 22 had a midlife crisis and switched schools, my major, and where I live! WHOA! Life is good though. I also am still waiting for a mission call, CRAZY, it will be going on 8 months in October! Way too long. Well till I post again which if I stay on schedule the way I have been should be in 2 months, HAHA!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life is so Unexpected!

Well I am finally up in Farmington! YAY! I am getting everything situated and everything is great. I love living with my grandma and grandpa, having my cousin Megan and her lil girl Brekyn is a blast! It will definetly be a different enviornment than Cedar but it will be good for me. I am also single AGAIN! Chase I figured broke up with me haven't heard from him at all so yeah, if anyone knows some single guys up in SLC give me a call for sure. Its all good, it was a good run while it lasted:)I am goin to a singles ward on Sunday, it will be interesting to see what a singles ward is like up here. I am starting my CNA class on Monday, 10 hrs a day of school,YUCK! Oh well hopefully it will be worth it in the end. LIfe is full of surprises, I guess that's good though, it could get pretty boring without them. Hope all is well with everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Adventure

I am so excited! I only have 2 weeks till I move up to Farmington. I will be going to school at Weber in the fall. I will be living with my grandparents and I cant wait! I am not so sure if I will get into the nursing program but I am ready to work hard and give it my best try. It will also be nice because Chase will be here, it will be good to finally not have to do the whole long distance thing. Still no word on my mission, so I guess we'll just have to see what happens! I am so happy and it will be and adventure for me. I am definetly going to miss my family though.:( We are all really close and this will be my first time away from my parents to go out on my own. I know it will be good for me though. I'll give just a quick recap of my summer so far:
1) have been working a lot I should just get a tent and live in the parking lot of Pizza Factory( not for long I gave them my 2 weeks on the 4th)
2) I am becoming very familiar with I-15 for visits to see Chase!( not for long either once I move YAY!)
3) spending time with my family. We went up the canyon and had a picnic for the 4th of July! I'll post some pics when I get home.
4)going to a lot of baseball games, I love it! My boyfriend Chase, and his little bro's Holden and Noah are on baseball teams and it has been so fun to go and watch them play!
5) I came up for my birthday and had a blast with Chase, then when I came home Madi and I went to my Aunt Heidi's in Vegas for a little R&R, it was way fun.
That is pretty much what I have been up to, I will post some pics when I get home, hope all is well with everyone!